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Alt314 450 Superlight kit husqvarna KTM gas gas Alt685 Welcome We invent and build the most advanced motorbike parts possible!

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Choose between different light combinations and add the advanced Screen Safety System on your 450!

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We all love bikes and enjoy customizing them. To do it right, we need to pick the right parts based on what we need. This means knowing how well a part performs and understanding the materials and shapes that work best. Our experience and knowledge have helped us do great in rallies and even win races. We want to share that knowledge, because we believe in transparency.

some of our riders


2015 & 2016 back to back winner in Africa Eco Race – close to 15 years of experience in Dakar and AER. 2nd in Dakar 2010 and 2nd in AER 2019.


2nd in Dakar 2017 and 3rd in Dakar 2019 (women’s class). This year Anastasiya became the first woman in history to finish Dakar in Malle Moto Class.


Winner at Morocco Desert Challenge 2018 using our Husqvarna 701 Rally Replica Kit.


Finished in top three at Tuareg 2016 & 2017 on Twin Cylinder bikes.

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